Please read below for a list of precautions we are taking as advised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Public Health England.


As we are located upstairs within Oaklands Health Centre, the entry and exit procedures to the building are already well established and effective. You will need to answer COVID screening questions prior to entry to the building. 
There is a one way system in place, entry to the building from the car park and exit onto Stade street.  Please ask reception staff if you are unsure and follow their direction. Please remember to use hand sanitiser upon entry and exit.


You are welcome to wear your own facemark upon entry and for the duration of your appointment, alternatively there are disposable masks available inside the waiting room for use. 
Our physiotherapists will be wearing gloves, aprons and a facemask. This is appropriate for the level of interaction we need to have with our patients. We will be using a 'hands off', 1m+ distancing approach as much as possible to limit contact and risk. 
During home visits, we will be using gloves, aprons and full face visors to reduce the risk further as we are unable to control home or care home environments. Often home visit patients might be those in a vulnerable category so although we are not required to use visors for some interactions, we will continue to minimise risk to staff and patients.


Our appointments will be spaced with breaks between to minimise patient to patient interaction and also allow our therapists to deep clean surfaces between each patient visit. The room will be deep cleaned daily.
For home visits we will put clean gloves on prior to entering the building to reduce any personal contamination to home surfaces.


We are required by the CSP to screen all our patients remotely prior to face to face appointments being offered. We will need to speak with you about your condition to determine if the clinical benefit of a face to face appointment is worth the risk of potential exposure to COVID19. We also need to have clear discussions with you about the risks and make sure we jointly agree on the safest, most appropriate method of treatment moving forward: virtual or face to face. 
As these telephone or video consultations are likely to be as thorough as our usual appointments, we unfortunately do need to charge a fee for this, however at the reduced cost of £35 rather than our usual assessment fee of £45.



Please be advised that we as health care professionals are legally duty bound to make our own clinically reasoned judgements as to whether a face to face appointment is absolutely necessary. In some cases, we might advise that you are best managed remotely. Although many other industries are opening their doors such as pubs and hairdressers, we must by law make our decisions as directed by our regulating bodies and insurance as we are personally responsible for your safety as well as our own. 


Where possible outside of work our physiotherapists will endeavour to reduce their own exposure and risk of covid19 by following government guidance on social distancing.


We already operate our notes and diary systems online, however, we will also require contactless consent to treatment and covid risks to be completed and saved. We will likely do this via email where able, or verbally and recorded in our clinical notes.